Advantages of Going for RapidSSL and InstantSSL Certificates

Getting everything instant is something that consumer’s desire because of the shorter timeline and those who are in a hurry, seek such services often.

Even though the concept of Instant SSL or Rapid SSL was not derived for this purpose, it does solve their needs as well. Besides being cheap and easy to procure within a matter of minutes, consumers prefer these types of certificates because they can be installed with ease. The Instant SSL certificate is issued without any organization validation, which is mandatory for extended validation or EV SSL cert.

Even though there are multiple advantages of going for the EV cert because it comes with the most recognized visual indicator, the green address bar, it is not a budget variant and will not suit those who want minimal encryption solutions. Whereas, the basic certificate is readily accessible even for new websites and online merchants who like to assure their customers of the security that they provide.

Some of the most evident advantages that customers gain by going for Instant SSL include the highest level of encryption that it provides. The certificates are fully updated and provided up to 256-bit encryption, which is the highest solution available in the market. Top service providers and companies have already started upgrading to this new bit encryption from the traditional 128-bit encryption which was used in the past.

The certs also support full up to 99% browser recognition which makes sure all your users will find the seal and encryption work properly. All major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Such browser support is mandatory because for websites that have customers spread around the globe, compatibility with all major browsers makes sure they gain access to the encryption security as intended by the merchant.

Most major recognized certificate authorities provide full customer support and they offer the best value for the money. They provide a money-back guarantee as well, which is more than the best assurance available to express the integrity of the Instant SSL certificate used. The certificates issued will also come with a seal of assurance which online merchants can proudly display in their websites and ensure every visitor that they are in a safe zone.

Customer conversion plays an integral role in determining the success of the business or the service provider. Such assurance provided by these certificates allows more customers to interact with the website and share their confidential credentials without feeling insecure. Because of these advantages and cost-efficient design, consumers prefer it as the basic encryption and security choice for online trade.