About Us

SSL.Reviews was developed for the sole purpose of providing everyone with an all-around SSL / TLS information forum. It is our dream to see every single website securely encrypted on the Internet and we are proud to contribute our bit to this great vision. We understand that SSL, particularly for users from a non-technical context, can be difficult to deal with. But this is the reason we’re here. The word “SSL.Reviews” does not only mean it for showboating purposes, we mean it literally. On our website, you can find everything, yes anything about SSL certificates.

In today’s very dangerous threat environment, the Secured Socket Layer (SSL)  is the first line of defense in protecting e-Commerce and financial transactions. To implement a secure connection that will be trusted by user’s browsers, you must acquire an SSL certificate from an independent third-party provider called a Certificate Authority (CA). The selection of the right certificate for you is not a trivial process.

In recent years, the types of SSL Certificates have become increasingly varied in their features, pricing, and cost efficiencies. This site was set up to assist those in need in navigating what can be a difficult decision-making process with important ramifications for their business or organization.

It is maintained by experts of varying backgrounds internationally who all have a desire to see the Internet and e-Commerce achieve their full potential as a revolutionary change agent for the betterment of humankind. This will require an Internet experience that everyone can trust, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an essential component in that trust-building process.