10 benefits of EV SSL Certificates

An extended validation (EV SSL) certificate works with high-security browsers to clearly identify a site’s organizational identity. For example, if you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, the address bar will turn green identifying the website as having an EV SSL certificate. It also displays the padlock, a trust icon. The address bar will not turn green if the site does not have an EV SSL certificate.

Top 10 Advantages of EV SSL Certificates

1. Green Indicates Trust

Extended Validation certificate triggers a green address bar on browsers and displays the three important signs of security: https, closed padlock, and SSL site seal from a CA. These four indicators instantly show users that the website is legitimate making it a safe place to transact. EV certificates provide phishing protection and prevent online fraud.

2. Provides the highest level of assurance for Website Visitors

EV certificates are issued only to companies eligible under strict validation requirements and purchased only from a select CAs only after passing a thorough test of your business credentials. This elaborate security test proves to customers that the website is legitimate and they can transact with confidence.

3. Standing out from the Rest

By displaying the green address bar, you show your customers that you are one step above and beyond the standard norm to assure their security. Customers will soon become used to looking for the green bar when choosing which websites to browse. With an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, your website can lure many savvy shoppers.

4. Highest Possible Data Encryption

With the ability to encrypt data at up to 256-bits,  EV SSL Certificates convert data into an impenetrable code that is secure from hackers.  A safe website helps guard your client’s reputation and also, against criminal prosecution and possible penalties.

5. 99% Browser Compatibility

EV SSL certificates are compatible with over 99% of browsers working on most web browsers being used to view a site.

6. Guaranteed Website Visitors

EV SSL Certificates issued by reputed Certificate Authorities (CA) can guarantee more website visitors than a traditional SSL certificate could. Also, they provide additional assurance that user transactions are safeguarded.

7. Compliant with Regulatory Requirements

From banking to health care to corporates, many industries have government regulations that require the protection of sensitive information online.  EV SSL Certificates from a trusted CA helps meet regulations such as HIPAA or PCI.

8. Automated Installation

Most CAs will automatically install an EV Certificate on your website after you complete the validation process saving you time.

9. Real-time Validity Checking

Most web browsers support the use of Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) enabling real-time checks of EV certificate validity. The protocol allows a web browser to check directly with the EV certificate’s issuing CA in order to confirm the validity of the EV certificate.

Real-time checks ensure that the EV certificate has not been revoked since it was issued, and provides an additional level of security. Web browsers will not display the green address bar unless the certificate passes the real-time validity check. This functionality is automatically enabled in most web browsers when their anti-phishing features are enabled.

10. Improve User Experience

An important aspect of EV SSL Certificate is enabling browsers to do a better job of communicating trust and identity-related information to the end-user. The EV standard elaborates on a number of best practices to help enhance user experience.